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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Passion: The Beach

Now I thought I should explain the picture of my legs at the beach, especially since I mentioned that I live in Louisiana. It's one of my passions....going to the beach! I love the Florida sand and the emerald coast! It is truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, but I've also made so many wonderful memories there. Almost every summer since I was a little girl I have made it to the beach. My family visited there, and I went with friends and their families. As an adult, I've taken my own family there, and gone on many visits with lots different friends. There is one trip, as an adult, that ranks worth mentioning in a bit more detail. Ever since my son was 3, I have been going on an annual trip with my girlfriends. This year will be the 20th year anniversary of our trip! Wow! That is so hard to believe. We are scattered throughout different cities, towns, and states, so getting together each summer is always such a treat. We spend countless hours running our feet through the sand, as we catch up on new stories, we retell old stories, and laugh and sometimes even cry. We have all grown so much, and so have our children. It was always tough to schedule when our children were small, but it was worth it. I highly recommend a similar type of trip for all of you girlfriends out there.

First Blog Post

This is my very first blog post. Not sure what I am doing, but I think I'm going to like it. I've been watching and following several blogs to see how it all works, so I "think" I might be ready.....ha....we will see.
It's been a beautiful spring day, and it's tax day.....blah! I've been listening to some coverage of the "tea parties" all over the country on pajamas tv. It's been very exciting. It is a good feeling to know that people are waking up to some of the problems that we have here in America. It is time for people to take steps to make the necessary changes needed to correct some of the wrongs that have been going on.
I've been working on my very first vegetable garden today. I started on it last month, but soon realized that it was not going to be large enough. I'm excited to produce my own veggies in my own backyard.
It is my hope on this blog to express some of my "passions and peeves" about life. There are many, so I will just take my time to reveal them to you.